With the Twelve app and this website, you can read and listen to the AA Big Book and its stories. You can also listen to meditation and hypnosis that help you gain more awareness in daily life. In the app as well on this website you are also able to go through a collection of recordings from speaker meetings, conventions and workshops of 12-step fellowships, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon Family Groups and other addictions.The core purpose of this app is to help raise money for a Rehabilitation and Awareness Center, starting in Iceland and going global. It is to help people with alcoholic problems, co-dependency as well as treating the family and helping people gain awareness.

It is our goal to start making the world a better place to live in one day at a time and to give every single person that feeling of love, happiness, and security, with self-awareness.

Help us make the world a better place to live in.
Help us help the world to gain awareness.
Help us make a difference in this world.

Everything in your world starts with you, your inner world reflects your outer world.

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We do not access any data on your device

Please help us improve our product by sending us a positive feedback and ideas on changes and improvements to twelve@twelve.is. Thanks!